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Why am I looking at photos of travel on a fitness website?

Traveling the world provides a unique perspective on different cultures and how each country prioritizes health & wellness. My own experiences confirmed that optimal physical physique is a universal status symbol.


All of my experiences abroad motivated me to want to continue to stay healthy as long as possible so I could learn and see as much as possible!

I used to train for football, but now I understand I was really training for LIFE!


I add more value to my family when I am in the best shape possible. I am more productive in my day job and consistently perform at a high-level as a result of the commitment to train body & mind!


Mental toughness, endurance and stamina are vital to pressing forward toward the prize.


The goal is for your return on investment to go beyond physical conditioning. Once we work together to establish a program that works best for you, we will deliver results in many areas of life.

The key is finding physical activity that you enjoy and can sustain to the point of the maintenance stage. Establishing an ongoing process that is achievable & specific to your individual health goals.

I am here to assist, coach, motivate, encourage and lead by example in my area of expertise!


Feeling good about your current state of physical conditioning is the first step to an improved sense of health & wellness.

The guidance of the various programs/counseling are to help you create your own sustainable, healthy lifestyle.

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